Games Writing

Clickbait Boyfriend: A weekly reaction blog where my boyfriend Josh plays through the Kingdom Hearts series for the first time. On the blog, he's currently making his way through Kingdom Hearts III, giving me plenty to riff on along the way.


Split Screen: A weekly TV watch club with my sister and podcast co-host Emma! The blog originally featured our thoughts on k-drama classic Boys Over Flowers and iconic shonen anime My Hero Academia. We've since finished Boys Over Flowers, and welcomed caffeinated k-drama Coffee Prince to the mix!


Buzz This: Originally a semi-regular feature on Talk This's first Side-Quests, Buzz This evolved into a blog series where I take a video game-themed quizzes on that site where productivity goes to die, Buzzfeed.



"Skip Cutscene? Game Mechanics as Storytelling" for the "Game Studies 10: Narrative and Story Are Not the Same" panel at the Pop Culture Association National Conference 2019

Listen to our podcast version of the presentation right here on the Spotify player, or by clicking the image!