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TALK THIS! is a weekly video game podcast that I co-host with my sister Emma. We put out a new episode at noon each Sunday, alternating between our main installments and Side-Quests each week. We started the show in January 2017, and have now released more than 130 episodes (and counting!).

In each main installment, we discuss two games: one old (more than 10 years) and one new (less than 2 years old). We talk their content, development, and critical reception, as well as our experience with the games, their significance to the gaming industry as a whole, and anything else that comes up in our weekly conversation. Afterwards, we stretch our creative muscles and try our best to come up with a new concept for a brand new game by mashing together elements from each. Some weeks, we strike gaming gold! Other weeks, well...I'm sure someone thought Pokémon was ridiculous at first too.

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Our Side-Quests have evolved over the years, but right now, we take turns leading a discussion of a video game topic of our choice. These have included the preservation of gaming history, the proliferation of fandom rage, and how to choose the greatest game of all time. Every third Side-Quest, we switch gears to talk about what we've been playing the past six weeks!

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  • Ep 105. Paper Mario Snax January 24, 2021
    In this episode, Madelyn and Emma talk Paper Mario and Bugsnax and delight over a true modern classic: the Bugsnax song. Also featuring Ryuji Grumpus, the snubbing of Luigi, and distracting Nintendo with something shiny.
  • Side-Quest 101. And the Winner Is... January 17, 2021
    In this not-episode, Madelyn and Emma discuss the state of video games awards shows and what their ideal show would look like. Also featuring diversity requirements, bad celebrity hosts, and superchats for the Oscars.
  • Ep 104. Carrion, My Wayward Skateboard January 10, 2021
    In this episode, Madelyn and Emma talk Tony Hawk Pro Skater and Carrion and wonder whether skateboarding talent is stored in the blood. Also featuring the relation of size and fear, a lack of skateboarding knowledge, and monster tricks.